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GAMSAT insights from recent medical school graduates and doctors
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Work one-on-one with a tutor and watch your results improve
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The very best tutors matched to your personality and the way you learn
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Unlock your medical future with the GAMSAT

Medical school graduates and current doctors will walk you through the ins-and-outs of the GAMSAT. Tutoring, insights, hints and tips to ensure you receive the required result to pursue your dreams of becoming a medical professional.

Flexibility on time, place and intensity

Discover a program customised around your busy working life or undergraduate schedule to ensure you’re making the most of your time and receiving the highest grades possible.

Understanding of situation

Having recently graduated from Med school themselves, your team of consultants can understand and relate to the journey you are embarking on. They understand the time constraints you may be under and can tailor their schedules to suit your busy lifestyle.

Passionate tutors

All tutors have a genuine and deep passion for medicine and supporting med students. Work closely with experienced doctors and recent graduates to ace your GAMSAT.


The summer break is the perfect time to build habits and skills for honing the approach to GAMSAT test day. Our GAMSAT Workshops will step you through the exam, in a face-to-face format. Register now for January 2019.

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