UMAT preparation plays an extremely important role in applications to medical school. It is often difficult to fit in UMAT study along with studying for your academic exams, interview preparation and actually enjoying your time at school/university.

A lot of people assume that you cannnot prepare for UMAT. Evidence has shown that effective preparation really does make a difference and we have seen this in our students across the years. Most students who struggle with UMAT find that they struggle with finishing the questions on time as well as not knowing quick and effective ways on approching questions.

UMAT Prep Re-imagined

Research has shown that only practicing on a computer or receiving general advice has shown to have little effect on improvement. We have seen a clear trend in students that have really succeeded in UMAT. These students usually go through the following preparation:

  1. Received the right training from people who have recently succeeded in the UMAT.
  2. Practiced high quality questions representing the upcoming UMAT exam.
  3. Practiced questions on paper, with a scantron sheet under timed conditions.
  4. Received feedback and guidance on questions they are weak on until confident on those question types.

Students repeat this in a structured manner until they are confident in all types of UMAT questions and are prepared to walk into the UMAT exam where no surprises come up.

MedView UMAT - How we prepare you properly

MedView is the only UMAT preparation provider that provides this evidence based approach to UMAT practice. Students get taught and guided by qualified current Medical Students to who have really excelled in UMAT. Our tutors have recently been through what applicants currently going through, are fully qualified with most achieving 100th percentile themselves and are extremely passionate to help their students succeed.

On top of our workshops, tutoring and targeted mentoring, we have our renowned UMAT mock exams. These are the best way of reconciling knowledge and give you a good objective platform to prepare on. Students come into our allocated mock exams and the entire environment is replicated. Students come into a room with other students, get given a 3 hour mock exam, a scantron answer sheet and sit the exam in the exact timed conditions. On top of this that after the exam, you will get your score and there is a further allocated session where our tutors will be going over answers and how best to approach every question.

You will get to continually practice and improve where you will see yourself getting better and better as time goes by so when the actual UMAT exam arrives, you will be able to easily walk through it with no issues.

See a sample of our quality material with our downloadable free UMAT exam paper: MedView UMAT Mock Paper.

What we offer

Call us old-fashioned but nothing beats a written book for study. You can scribble your notes, highlight, read without straining your eyes on our beautiful, well-designed and effective course guides.
The essence of learning is practice. We take practicing to the next level. We offer 3 full complete mock exams sat under the same strict exam conditions like the real UMAT.
Call us old-fashioned but nothing beats a written book for study. You can scribble your notes, highlight, read without straining your eyes on our beautiful, well-designed and effective course guides.
Our course guide is split into self-contained modules – 4 modules for Section 1 and 2, and 3 modules for Section 3. They are crammed with a mixture of exercises, notes and practice questions to stimulate your thinking and giving you chance to practice.
We believe strongly in a quality teaching experience – just ask hundreds of our past and present students. UMAT course is no different. The notes, practice questions are all original, UMAT-like and effective. Our teaching is superlative.


We're here to help you crush the UMAT!

We offer UMAT workshops, full UMAT Mock Exams, as well as private, one-on-one UMAT tutoring across New Zealand and Australia. Our UMAT tutors are current medical students who have passed the UMAT with flying colours--scoring in the 95th percentile and above!

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