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  • Learn from the advisor’s expertise and have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like
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Contact Form - What happens in my consultation?

During the initial consultation with one of our expert Academic Advisors, you will have the opportunity to learn from the advisor's expertise and ask as many questions as you like. The consultation is free and takes about an hour. Our academic advisors are keen to speak with you and understand more about your interests and needs. After that, they can craft a specialised plan and make recommendations as to the next steps in your MedView journey.

How long is my consultation?

An initial consultation will take about an hour of your time.

What is an Academic Advisor?

A MedView Academic Advisor is your first point of contact with the MedView, providing you with the information you need to gain admission into medical school.

They can help you create specific education goals and strategies by learning about who you are and discovering what obstacles or challenges might get in your way

What if I'm interested in multiple pathways?

If you’re interested in multiple pathways to medical school, don’t stress. During your consultation, they’ll make time to discuss all your areas of interest and create a plan best suited to your needs

What happens after my consultation?

After your initial consultation with one of our Academic Advisors, we will build a highly personalised plan based on your age, current situation and admission goals.

Next you'll be introduced to your Admission Specialist who'll help organise your entire MedView journey, coordinate your tutor and mentor scheduling, assist you with actioning all steps recommended by your MedView team, and act as a regular communication base for you and your parents or guardians.

MedView's unique algorithm matches students to their team based on their academic goals, passions and learning styles. Your team will include tutors, admissions experts, current medical students and doctors from Australasia's top medical schools.