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Discover how a world class high school can get you into a world class medical school!

About this Episode:

In this exclusive video, Academic Advisor Ben shares his insights on how students can accelerate their learning with Pearson A-Levels.

Find out how Crimson Global Academy’s A-Level curriculum and MedView’s medical admission support can better prepare students for medical school content and admissions.


Episode Agenda:

  • The importance of early preparation for medical school
  • How various curricula compare
  • Acceptance requirements for medical school & how they compare with Crimson Global Aacademy & MedView students
  • Everything you need to know about Crimson Global Academy
  • How MedView & Crimson Global Academy can help you!
episode agenda

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About this Episode:

How can high school students start preparing for Med school?

Early preparation for med school begins with the curriculum and subjects you choose in high school. This will help lay the groundwork for success later in the admissions process.

Building on content taught in NCEA will introduce you to concepts that you are going to face at university, giving you one less thing to worry about as you tackle the crazy first-year journey.

This is where early preparation can be massively beneficial. Students who have covered some of the introductory course material at high school are better placed to excel throughout the year