Preparing for HSFY as a Year 13 Student

07/07/20215 minute read
Preparing for HSFY as a Year 13 Student

What can you do before the year starts?

Before the year starts, it is vital that you understand that the journey to becoming a doctor is a long and arduous process. Medicine is a life-long commitment whose pathway extends beyond the 6 years of study. It includes a progression from a house officer to a registrar, and application onto training schemes if you opt for the surgical pathway.

The vast majority of people who apply for medicine, do not have a clear picture of what they want to do in the future.

This uncertainty is not something to worry about now – you have plenty of time to figure out exactly what you want to do. There is something in medicine for everyone. If you are still uncertain about the medical pathway beyond the 6 years of study, I would recommend doing further research.

Another thing you can do over the summer break is to identify your motivation be to a doctor. If it’s for the money, you may not be in the correct profession - it will be at least 10-12 years until you start earning the big bucks that all doctors are known for. If you have an inherent nature to help people and seek to make our society healthier, then you are on the right track.

Once your head is in the right place, enjoy your summer! The year will be long, and you will have to make social sacrifices to make your studies a priority. Make the most of the time you have by seeing friends and family, as you will inevitably see less of them throughout the year. You are likely to experience burnout sometime during the year, so optimising your rest now is important.

The single most effective way to distance yourself from your competitors is to start early and hard. After you have rested throughout December and into the new year, it is time to get started and get ahead. The Flying Start programme offered by MedView was my ticket to success.

It is a highly intensive programme starting in late January that covers the first 6 weeks of content for the core papers in the first semester!

The advantages of this course

The most valuable aspect of Flying Start is the content covered. As the first Semester contains most of the core papers, it is so important to get a good start.

An early lapse within the first few weeks can completely derail your entire year. Being exposed to similar content ahead of time builds your confidence and gives you the opportunity to begin learning before others.

There is a radically different teaching style from high school to university.

Flying Start emulates the style you are accustomed to, while simultaneously teaching university material. This eases your transition and places students into a more comfortable and familiar environment.

You can meet other motivated people. You may have heard the horror stories of people sabotaging each other, taking their notes and hiding their bags. While these are mostly exaggerated, there will still be those who resort to other measures to gain an advantage.

The people doing Flying Start will be motivated just like you, and eager to get ahead.

Working together and building these strong relationships before the year starts means that you have a better support group in place. I met several bright individuals who were passionate and together, we were able to navigate the difficult year and succeed as a group.

Wrapping it Up

Your first month of FYHS determines your year going forward. Make sure you start on the right foot with the right support and advice from MedView’s Flying Start Course.

Buy Flying Start NOW and receive 10% off. PLUS receive a FREE lab coat when you spend over $1,500!

Written by Jonnie

Jonnie is a fourth-year Medical Student studying at the University of Auckland. He received a 9.0 GPA in his first year of study along with a UCAT score just shy of 3000 (approx. 97th percentile). He has several years of experience in tutoring and has been commended for his ability to adapt to different learning needs. Jonnie has a flexible timetable, and will always highly prioritise the needs of his students.