Tips for Surviving First Year

07/07/20214 minute read
Tips for Surviving First Year

Welcome aspiring doctors and first year students!

I’m sure you’ve heard all the talk about first year - it’s competitive, crazy and intense. That’s not wrong, but hopefully with some tips and perspective, you can not only survive, but thrive!

First Year Overview

In New Zealand, undergraduate students can go through two pathways for First Year - Biomedical Science or Health Science. Health Science has a greater focus on population health, whereas Biomedical Science contains more biomedical science (no surprise there!) and physics. The two programs have four papers in common - these are known as core papers. While your acceptance to medical school is only based on how well you do in your core papers, you should still keep your GPA high, so consider which program will allow you to shine. If you feel a little nervous about your science foundational knowledge - Find out how MedView can help you on the path to successful admission!

Study Smart

The atmosphere in First Year is competitive and high stakes. So it’s important to stay grounded and aware of what your goal is. Ask yourself why it is you want to go to medical school - and keep that in mind when times get tough. Remember that the core papers are the most important thing to your medical school admission, so don’t over-stress about the other papers. Your time and energy are a finite resource, so be aware of what you’re spending time on. Don’t get distracted by the other students' progress, and focus on your own abilities and successes. You can’t win a race looking at the other racers - stay focused on the finish line.

Don’t Neglect Your Interview

University of Auckland requires an interview called the MMI, that accounts for 25% of your admission! The MMI is unlike any interview you may have had before. It involves eight stations, one of which is a role play station with an actor. The topics you’re asked about in these interviews vary greatly, and are often topical. So they expect you to do well in your papers and keep current with what’s going on in the world! This isn’t the time to wing it - but it’s an easy thing to forget until it’s too late. Having a study plan for your year is important to your overall success.

Study Group

Your success with this may vary - some people prefer to study alone. A study group can be a great way to be more productive and find support. Everyone has different strengths, and that can work to the advantage of the team in a study group! Plus, if you all get into med together, you’ll fly into second year ready to continue your successes.

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Where MedView Fits In

One of the most important things we can provide our students is support. We’re armed with a group the best tutors, and your own Education Coordinator who will help guide you through the application process. If you have more specific questions, or want to see how we can help you smash first year and more - sign up for a free Academic Assessment!