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From Melbourne, Australia to the UK: Jeremy's journey to Oxford Medical School

Jeremy was accepted to Oxford Medical School! Hear how he did it with the help of his MedView Strategist and Student Success Manager!

Jeremy has been there and done that and knows from first-hand experience what it takes to get into top UK med schools and succeed.

In the 2021 admissions round, MedView helped Jeremy get ACCEPTED into Oxford Medical School from Melbourne, Australia. Every year only 9 to 11 places at the University of Oxford are offered to the overseas cohort, and this year one of them was awarded to Jeremy!

Jeremy studied the VCE curriculum and received an ATAR score of 99.95 putting him in the top 1% of ALL high school students in Australia. He sat the UCAT and scored 3420 which put him in the 100th percentile of test-takers AND went on to achieve a perfect BMAT score of 9 9 5A.

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Discover how Jeremy got accepted into Oxford Medical School from Melbourne, Australia

What experiences led you to pursue medicine?

“I can’t say I had any particular experiences that I can remember; medicine certainly wasn’t a revelation. I think it had a lot to do with my early love for a range of sciences, which I realised I could combine by studying medicine. It was only once I started doing work experience placements that I realised how incredibly rewarding it is to work with patients and to see science and research being put into practice.”


How did MedView help you prepare for your admission exam/s?

“I’m taking undergraduate medicine, so I applied in my last year of high school. For Oxford I needed to sit the BMAT exam, I also sat the UCAT to ensure I had options in the UK and Australia if needed. Initially, I just had UCAT tutoring in Year 10, followed by BMAT tutoring in Year 11 and eventually personal statement mentoring and interview prep in Year 12.”


What were some of the challenges you faced during your application?

“Everyone applying to medicine is challenged by the process. I think the main difference for me was the extra work involved in a UK application: I had to write a personal statement, sit the BMAT, fill out a UCAS application, etc. If you add all the tutoring involved, there were certainly times when I was very busy!”


What tutoring did you receive in your MedView Journey? How did your tutors help you?

“I received tutoring and mentoring for the VCE, UCAT, BMAT, interviews, and CRI. Beyond the incredible help, each of my tutors gave me in preparing for every step of my application, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my tutoring sessions. Many of my tutors were already at Oxford, and being able to talk to them about medicine (and French) was an inspiration and motivation. In retrospect, I think it was important to have proof that getting into Oxford was possible.”