Jeremy was accepted to Oxford Medical School! Hear how he did it with the help of his MedView Strategist and Student Success Manager!

Jeremy has been there and done that and knows from first-hand experience what it takes to get into top UK med schools and succeed.

In the 2021 admissions round, MedView helped Jeremy get ACCEPTED into Oxford Medical School from Melbourne, Australia. Every year only 9 to 11 places at the University of Oxford are offered to the overseas cohort, and this year one of them was awarded to Jeremy!

Jeremy studied the VCE curriculum and received an ATAR score of 99.95 putting him in the top 1% of ALL high school students in Australia. He sat the UCAT and scored 3420 which put him in the 100th percentile of test-takers AND went on to achieve a perfect BMAT score of 9 9 5A.