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10 Reasons why MedView stands out above other med school admissions companies

Why MedView?

As the leading med school admissions support, MedView takes med school admission to a new level. Through personalised admission support, application review, entrance exam and interview tutoring and extracurricular mentoring. MedView increases your chances of admission to Australia, New Zealand and UK medical schools by up to 350%.

Unlike many companies, we hire talented staff who specialise in the different areas you need support with - UCAT exams, interviews, applications, and extracurriculars. We have over 400 tutors, mentors, strategists and student success managers, meaning we can tap into the expertise of our team to ensure your child receives the very best support for their dream medical school.

Let’s take a deep dive into what makes MedView stand out above the rest.

Why MedView Stands Out

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