Maximize Your Score with Proven GAMSAT Preparation Exam Strategies

21/04/20246 minute read
Maximize Your Score with Proven GAMSAT Preparation Exam Strategies

Written By Team MedView

Embarking on your GAMSAT journey is no small feat—it's like gearing up for a marathon where the prep is just as unique as you are.

Let's face it, hitting the books hard doesn't guarantee a winning ticket to med school; it's about smart, strategic studying.

What does the GAMSAT assess?

As aspiring medical professionals, it's imperative to gear up for the GAMSAT with a clear understanding of its demands. This exam is a comprehensive measure of your ability to think analytically and critically across various domains, including the humanities, social sciences, and the natural sciences. [1]

The GAMSAT is divided into three sections:

  1. Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Written Communication
  3. Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences

Gamsat Study Timeline

GAMSAT isn’t like most tests at high school or university. Cramming or increasing study time a few weeks out before a test usually isn’t very useful, so consistent study in the months and years leading up to the exam is far more beneficial.

Here’s a free downloadable GAMSAT Study Timeline to help you get started.

How long does it take to prepare for the GAMSAT?

Students generally sit GAMSAT to apply for entry to graduate medicine following a 3-year undergraduate degree. Given that a GAMSAT result is eligible for 2 years, one could sit a GAMSAT test early in their second year of university and use this to apply for medicine after graduation.

As such, most students start in their second semester of their first year of university (e.g. 2-3 years prior to medical school), to give plenty of time to improve, if they are not successful in their first year or two of testing. If you already have an undergraduate degree and are eligible to apply for medicine, now is the time to start!

How many hours a day should I study for GAMSAT?

This can vary significantly depending on your lifestyle choices surrounding your GAMSAT testing. For an undergraduate student just starting GAMSAT, it is important to set a regular study schedule for GAMSAT study.

Depending on your time commitments, 5 hours a week (an hour most days) is a great place to start. Some students decide to take time off from university to work or study GAMSAT, so of course the GAMSAT commitment should significantly increase.

Of course, sitting practice exams is one of the best ways to study GAMSAT, which will increase your time commitment for a certain week significantly.

Practice questions timed and untimed

When you first start studying, take your time to work on questions so you can focus on:

  • Understanding and breaking down what you read
  • Getting better at thinking deeply about problems
  • Noticing patterns and setups that happen a lot
  • Learning the best ways to solve tricky problems

As you get further along in your GAMSAT study, it's important to progress into practice exams under timed conditions. Doing mock exams helps you gain familiarity with real test conditions to make sure nothing comes as a surprise on test day. [2]

What are some common mistakes to avoid when preparing for GAMSAT?

Sometimes knowing what not to do is just as good as knowing what to do. Some common mistakes include:

  • Not having an organized study schedule. This should be at the core of your GAMSAT prep strategy.
  • Not focusing on your weaker sections. A lot of students studying GAMSAT are traditionally strong science students, so usually see S3 as their stronger section. Focusing on your writing can improve your score significantly.
  • Not starting early enough. A lot of students start GAMSAT a year prior to applying to medicine. This realistically only provides 2 testing dates, with your first testing date of the year occurring too early for your best effort. If you are thinking about applying to graduate medicine, get started now!
  • Marking S2 yourself. It is very important to get an experienced GAMSAT marker to mark your own essays.

Maintaining Momentum: Staying Motivated and Healthy During GAMSAT Prep

Preparing for the GAMSAT requires consistent effort and attention for your well-being. It's essential to balance study sessions with breaks and self-care. Maintaining good health is crucial for mental clarity and endurance, enabling effective study and preventing burnout as you gear up for the GAMSAT. [3]

It's important to have a good place to study for the GAMSAT. This is your own quiet spot where you can think clearly. Having the right space that's quiet at the best times can help you concentrate and do well as you prepare for the GAMSAT.

Studying with other students and talking in study groups creates a team vibe that makes getting ready for the GAMSAT better. Working together keeps you excited and lets you share what you know and learn from others too.

What resources are available for GAMSAT?

When you start getting ready for the GAMSAT, you need good study tools. Think of these tools as the gear you would take if you were going on a hike up a big mountain. They help you deal with the tough parts of the GAMSAT better.

The only official study stuff for the GAMSAT comes from the ACER. They have practice tests and questions for you to try. But it's also good to use other study things that aren't official. [2]

At Medview, we offer a diverse collection of GAMSAT practice questions, along with tutoring services and workshops, all designed to ensure you're thoroughly prepared for the GAMSAT.


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