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Want to learn how to get into Medicine at the University of New South Wales?

The University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales sets itself apart by offering a team of world renowned academics and scientists. It is home to the best MBBS Undergrad program in Australia. It is also the only university in Australia to offer an exercise physiology course as a part of its medical program.


👉 Undergraduate Program

👉 6 Year MBBS/MD Program

Admission Requirements:



👉 Semi-structured Interview

Entry Requirements
Unique Selling Points

1 year research program opportunity Leading public health program Highest internationally rated undergraduate institution

Entry Requirements
Entry Requirements

Undergraduate: Competent in English, ATAR 99+, UCAT, Semi-Structured Interview


CSP: $10,958 AUD a year Domestic students: $33,950 AUD a year International students: $71,650 AUD a year

Entry Requirements
Medical School Experience

Highly Academic large classes Heavy research focused Few teaching hospitals, large teaching hospitals cohorts

World Rankings
QS World Rankings

Overall: 45 Medicine: 50

Student Enrolment
Student Enrolment

Total: 39,784 International students: 14,292

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