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The University of Sydney

As the highest ranked medical program in Australia, The University of Sydney sets itself apart by offering a unique Double Degree Medicine Program (DDMP). This program allows school-leavers to complete an approved three-year undergraduate degree in either the arts or science, before continuing onto the Doctor of Medicine (MD).

With only 30 domestic places and 10 international places available every year, the required ATAR is consistently 99.95.


👉 Postgraduate Medicine (~ 6 years)

👉 Provisional Entry for Postgraduate Medicine (~ 7 years)

Admission Requirements:



👉 Medical Interview

Entry Requirements
Unique Selling Points

Largest hospital network and largest hospitals in Australia (Westmead, RPA) Pacific Bridge program - allows you to study in US for US internship

Entry Requirements
Entry Requirements

Undergraduate: Competent in English, 99.95 ATAR (or equivalent), unstructured interview Postgraduate: GAMSAT, MMI, Bachelor’s degree GPA


CSP: $10,596 AUD a year Domestic students: $64,500 AUD a year International students: $74,000 AUD a year

Entry Requirements
Medical School Experience

Small clinical school class sizes, great clinical network ‘Trial by fire’ - very difficult initially, but highly academic and highly rewarding

World Rankings
QS World Rankings

Overall: 50 Dentistry: =41 Medicine: 15

Student Enrolment
Student Enrolment

Total: 29,461 International students: 8,568

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