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Our Mission here at MedView

MedView was founded in 2007 by current medical student Dr. Chen Luo in Auckland, New Zealand with the ambition to change the landscape of medical schools admissions by empowering students to develop their candidacy holistically to go on to become top doctors with lifelong leadership, skills and connections!

Howshin Mission

A note from our Chairman, Dr. Howshin Tsao

“I remember when I was applying to medical school for the first time, it seemed like such a daunting task. There were so many rumours out there about what to do, as well as conflicting advice which was at times, very frustrating. I was overwhelmed with the multiple exams, interviews and acronyms I was thrown. MedView was created, to reduce the stress and confusion of medical school admissions, so as a student, you can focus on what really matters. The mission to help students to succeed beyond their medical school admissions into top doctors with lifelong leadership, skills and connections still lives strong.

I found that on top of hard work and dedication, the best way to succeed at medical school entrance was to receive personalised guidance from those who have been through your shoes before. This is why MedView was founded- for each generation of medical students and doctors to pass on their knowledge to help the next generation succeed.

Regardless of what stage you are at in your journey towards applying to medical school, MedView is designed to provide you with all the preparation and knowledge you need to get started and succeed in your medical admissions journey.

At MedView, we pride ourselves at providing the best quality guidance and support on medical school entry from qualified teachers and mentors, to reduce the knowledge gap for students from all backgrounds. I truly believe a holistic approach to medical school admissions, gives students the competitive edge they need for success in all pillars of the journey, creating more opportunities.”

Dr. Howshin Tsao

MedView Education

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