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International Student Admission to Medical School

MedView & Crimson have collaborated to help student succeed with international admission to Australia & New Zealand medical schools. We surround the student with a team of experts to help develop their candidacy and skills in all pillars of the complex international admissions process!
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01. High School Tutoring

ucat prep

02. ISAT Test Prep

interview prep

03. Interview Preparation

uni selection

04. Application Strategy


05. ECL Mentoring

Why are our international students so successful?

The process of applying to as an international student to Australia and New Zealand medical schools is not only complex, but highly competitive, with acceptance rates to top medical schools growing each year it is important to build a strong profile in all areas.

MedView and Crimson’s unique admissions consultancy model addresses every aspect of the application process with equal intensity!

Our support includes:

  • Customisable Curriculum Support
  • 1:1 Classes delivered by current international medical students
  • More online and in-person content than our competitors
  • Thousands of practice questions, curriculum videos and mock exams
  • Premium personalised tuition to each individual
  • Tutors with the highest results
  • Unmatched results we are proud of!

Speak to an advisor about how MedView & Crimson’s international student medical school admissions support works.

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01. High School Tutoring

Our one-on-one tutoring is an efficient way to improve grades quickly, especially for pre-requisite subjects, as it enables intensive lessons with a tutor’s undivided attention. We offer support for all local, Australia & New Zealand curriculums as well as an online high school!

MedView & Crimson’s high school curriculum tutors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting students to achieve the required grades required for international admission to medical school.

Book in a free consultation for more information about how we support all curriculum’s and the requirements for international students.

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02. ISAT Test Preparation

Our ISAT tutors are the top 5% of test takers, with a wealth of knowledge and experience ready to help you succeed in the world’s more difficult entrance exam. Our individualised tutoring supports with:

  • Develop strategy and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed when sitting the ISAT
  • Learn practice questions on your own, on the go, or with your tutor on our bespoke online learning platform, Synapse
  • Our simulation practice exams replicate the exact environment with feedback from your tutor
  • Our workshops helps students to tackle their areas of weakness efficiently

A student's test results determine whether or not they proceed to the interview, which is why our tutoring focus on preparation and strategy.


03. Medical Interview Preparation

Medical Interview Mentoring from high scoring Interview tutors. Work through each question type, style and develop practice skills for both the interview and patient, family interactions.

  • Learn on your own, on the go, or with your tutor on our bespoke online learning platform, Synapse
  • Our simulation Interview Mock replicates the exact environment and question stations with feedback from our top tutors so you can succeed
  • Our workshops helps students approach the different question styles, develop leadership and confidence as well as step by step improvements on the weaker areas

04. Application Strategy

Our tutors are current medical students who have been through the application process and will help you compile the perfect application based on criteria such as:

  • Which medical school may be the best fit for you
  • English proficiency
  • Priority, commonwealth supported and bonded place options
  • Your strengths in order to be competitive
  • Medical school admission rates and application criteria for international students

With only limited places available at each medical school, having an expertly planned strategy around that selection is paramount for success.


05. Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) Opportunities

Our extracurricular mentors help students to enhance their application by undertaking, completing, and reflecting upon a range of impressive activities related to their chosen area of study.

Working 1:1 with their mentors, doctors and current medical students, our students develop profiles that demonstrate:

  • High academic passion and engagement
  • Impressive knowledge of medical topics
  • Practical doctor career experience
  • Their ability to communicate and reflect upon their individual experiences.
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Ready to start your journey to medical school?

Meet our advisors, tutors, consultants, and strategists

MedView's ISAT tutors scored in the top 1% of all undergraduate medical students. MedView's ISAT students are 3x times more likely to receive an offer to medical school. Our ISAT tutors are eager to help you succeed!

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Our students have the best stories

These are just a few of the success stories from students who have worked with MedView