Boost your chances of getting into medical school by 350% with MedView!

MedView Education takes med school admission to a new level - through personalised admission support, application review, entrance exam and interview tutoring, and extracurricular mentoring for students in Australasia.


Our UCAT students are 5x more likely to receive an interview


More likely to gain admission to an Australian medical school


Our GAMSAT students are 4x more likely to score in the top 15%


More likely to gain admission to a NZ medical school

What is MedView?

MedView is Australasia’s leading and largest medical school admissions support, delivering UCAT tutoring and mentoring for students aiming for medical school in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Designed to help students focus on every area - strategy, academic tutoring, exam preparation, application support, extracurricular activities and interview training.

You have one shot at your med school applications, we want to make sure you get the support you deserve and will maximise your chances.

Personalised Support

MedView understands each student is different, so your services are personalised to your needs.

Dedicated Team

We know you need the support of a team of specialists in order for you to have the best chance of success.

Top Qualified Tutors

MedView doesn't connect you with the best tutor in your suburb, we connect you with the best in the world.

Proven Results

At MedView we don't leave anything up to chance, take advantage of our winning track record!

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We’re the leading med school admissions support and we’ve just released the most advanced UCAT learning platform on the market!

Our team of current medical students, have created a UCAT Learning Tool better than any you’ve ever used.

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Create your FREE account on our UCAT platform and complete the diagnostic.

The diagnostic will only take 20 minutes and it will help you understand how you compare to your peers and what areas need improvement. This will help us here at MedView better understand your strengths and weaknesses to ensure we create a program that is set up to see you succeed.

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Unlimited access to our resources to learn more about our student’s journeys, pathways, guides, roadmaps, and tips and tricks.

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Our 2023 Stats!

4 out of 5 of our students get an interview offer and 1 in 2 of our students get offers at their dream med school!

Our student success

Our medical school applicants have received offers from Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, King’s College London, St George’s, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, University of Sydney, Western Australia, Melbourne, Queensland, Adelaide, Auckland, Otago, Monash, Flinders, Bond, Curtin, UNSW, ANU and many other top Australia, New Zealand and UK medical schools!

More specifically, many of our students who have taken the UCAT test have 2, 3, 4 or sometimes 5 or more offers to choose from. In these cases, their Admission Specialist will work with them to help them pick the medical school that best suits them!

Our Success
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How MedView works

Here are the steps in our highly organised approach to helping our students gain admission into medical school:
Step One
Step Two
Step Three
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  • discovering goals

    01. Discovering your goals

    During your initial assessment with one of our expert academic advisors you will have the opportunity to both learn from the advisor’s expertise and ask as many questions as you like. Once the advisor has a good idea as to your age, current academic situation and passions, they can craft a specialised plan and make recommendations as to the next steps in your MedView journey.

  • admissions specialist

    02. Meeting your Admissions Specialist

    Your Admissions Specialist is your ‘go to’ for all things scheduling and organising. Dedicated to helping you organise your entire MedView journey, your Admissions Specialist will coordinate your tutor and mentor scheduling, assist you with actioning all steps recommended by your MedView team, and act as a regular communication base for you and your parents or guardians.

  • working with team

    03. Working with your MedView Team

    MedView's unique algorithm matches students to their team based on their academic goals, passions and learning styles. Your team will include tutors, admissions experts, current medical students and doctors from Australasia's top medical schools.

Our students have the best stories

These are just a few of the success stories from students who have worked with MedView

Go behind the scenes

Check out the experiences of MedView students to learn more about our services and the pathway to medicine
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