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Our goal here at MedView is to simplify the medical school admissions process for you, so you can spend more time on what’s important.

Below you will discover our step-by-step guide for joining MedView Spark and all our frequently asked questions.

For more information on joining MedView Spark, feel free to email us at admin@medvieweducation.org.


How MedView Spark Works:

Getting started with MedView Spark is simple, just follow the 3-steps below and you'll be ready to start your UCAT prep with our UCAT learning platform!
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01. Create your free account

Create your account and complete the signup questions, including name, phone number, email, UCAT exam date and target medical schools. Add your linked contacts, such as your parents, so they know how you’re doing!

Step One
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02. Complete the short 20-minute diagnostic

The platform is designed to use your diagnostic results to create your very own personalised UCAT study plan, which identifies your strengths and weaknesses, how you compare with other applicants and what areas you need to focus on to improve.

Step Two
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03. Start Practicing

You’re now all set! Your personalised UCAT study plan will appear with recommendations for which sections of the UCAT you need to practice and when to sit simulated practice exams.

This way you can study the UCAT and rest assured you’re progressing towards the benchmark scores you need for your dream med school, without having to stress about it yourself.

MedView Spark Dashboard
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Take your UCAT practice to the next level!

Have questions about MedView Spark?

Don't worry, you're not alone! We've put together answers for all our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MedView Spark?

MedView Spark is our UCAT Preparation platform specially designed to help students succeed in the UCAT exam and get accepted to medical school. MedView Spark accurately resembles the UCAT exam allowing students to practice for UCAT exactly as they will experience during their actual exam. This includes the ability to flag questions, keyboard shortcuts, review screens at the end of each section, a fully functional calculator and accurate UCAT scoring. Combined with a powerful algorithm that monitors your performance and gives personalised recommendations on how to best prepare, MedView Spark is the best platform when it comes to UCAT preparation. 

How much does MedView Spark cost?

MedView Spark is available on a subscription basis for just $2o/month with a 14-day FREE trial.

What features does MedView Spark offer?

  • UCAT testing environment that mimics the real UCAT including:
    • UCAT calculator
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Flag functionality
    • Review screens
    • Accurate UCAT scoring
  • A diagnostic test to help determine your strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalised study plan to help prepare for UCAT
  • Recommendations on how long to spend preparing each week
  • 10 full practice exams
  • 4,500+ UCAT practice questions
  • Ability to customise practice content to your needs
  • Full visibility for parents and guardians

Why choose MedView Spark?

MedView Spark is the only UCAT Learning Platform that uses a unique algorithm to create a personalised UCAT study plan.

Why do we do this? Because we know all students are different and each student needs support in different areas. This way, you know exactly what to practice and when to practice to ensure you succeed on the big day.

When should I start using MedView Spark?

You can start using MedView Spark at any time. When you first log in it will ask you some questions and create you a personalised study plan which factors in when you are sitting the UCAT exam. It’s definitely an advantage to start as early as possible to give you the best chance of success in the exam but with Spark, it will ensure you are prepared no matter what.

What makes MedView Spark unique for UCAT prep?

MedView Spark is unique because it takes the effort and guesswork out of preparing for the UCAT. Unlike other preparation platforms, Spark uses a specially designed algorithm to ensure you are practising the most important skills to ensure you are successful in the final exam. Every time you sit practice questions or exams, it analyses your performance and makes personalised suggestions on what to focus on next. You get a personalised study plan which tells you what to practice and for how long and this is dynamically updated as you progress to optimise the amount of time you spend preparing for the UCAT. We know balancing UCAT with school and extracurriculars is hard so we wanted a platform that allows you to get the highest score you can while minimising the time you need to spend preparing for UCAT.

How do I get started with MedView Spark?

Click here to create your account and get started.

How do I access MedView Spark?

All you need to access MedView Spark is the browser Google Chrome. Simply navigate to the login page here and you’re ready to get underway.

Can I use MedView Spark on my phone?

At the moment, MedView Spark is currently desktop only. The reason for this is, when practising UCAT it is important the environment you practice in accurately resembles the actual exam so you build important skills like navigating the testing software and using keyboard shortcuts and the calculator. The final exam will be done on a computer so we strongly believe that all your practice should also be done on a computer to ensure you have the best chance of success when it comes to exam day.

I scored low in my diagnostic, is this ok?

Yes that’s totally normal, no need to panic! You are new to UCAT so you can’t be expected to ace the exam already, preparing for UCAT takes time. The most important thing is you have MedView Spark there with you along the way to tell you what to focus on next to ensure you are improving.

Can I use the platform without doing the diagnostic?

The platform is designed with you in mind, so you can only access practice questions and exams once the diagnostic test has been completed.

How many questions are on MedView Spark?

MedView Spark currently has 4,500+ questions and this number is growing every day as we add new content to the platform. This includes 10 full practice exams and at least 10 full practice sessions for every section which is more than enough to ensure you’re ready to ace the exam.

Can parents access MedView Spark?

Students have the option to add a ‘Linked Contact’ which is a person who can view their profile and see how they are progressing. This allows parents to easily track their children’s performance without having to constantly nag them.

What are linked contacts?

Linked contacts are your ability to give viewing access to your family to allow them to check your progress

What if my scores aren't improving?

The UCAT is a tough exam and sometimes practice alone is not enough to improve your score especially if you’re short on time. MedView offers a full range of services including UCAT group classes and UCAT private tutoring to ensure students can get all the support they need to be successful in the UCAT exam. If you’re struggling, please fill in the Contact Us form on our website and someone will be in touch to discuss extra support.

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