10 Reasons Why MedView Stands Out Above Other Med School Admissions Companies

12 SEPT 2022

As the leading med school admissions support, MedView Education takes med school admission to a new level - through personalised admission support, application review, entrance exam and interview tutoring, and extracurricular mentoring.  We have a proven track record of success and increase a student's chances of getting into med school across  Australia, New Zealand and UK by up to 350%. Let’s take a deep dive into what makes MedView stand out above the rest.

1. The leading med school admissions experts

At MedView, we go out of our way to source and recruit the high achieving current medical schools. Our tutors, mentors and strategists are all currently studying or have studied at your dream medical schools, achieving top grades in high school, university, and the entrance exam - UCAT, BMAT, ISAT and MMI interview. In other words - our experts have been there and done that and know from first-hand experience what it takes to get in and succeed.

Pathways to Med at the University of Sydney: Academic Insights

2. Support in every aspect of the admissions process

While many competitors offer exam or interview preparation, we surround our students with a team of hand-picked experts who focus on strategy, academic tutoring, exam preparation, application support, extracurricular activities and interview training. Most importantly, every one of our students is paired with an expert student success manager who oversees the entirety of their journey with MedView, helping them stay on track and progress towards success in each area.

Why do we surround our students with such a robust team of experts? Because we know they need the support of a team of people and specialists in order for them to have the best chance of success. If you’re told by other companies that one UCAT course, can do it all, the truth is it can’t. Your child has one shot at their med school applications, so we want to make sure they get the support they deserve and will maximise their chances.

3. Our student success

At MedView we measure our success by that of our students - so when we are able to report that our students are 3.5x more likely to gain admission into medical school than the general applicant, we are simply proud to have been part of their journey. This year more than ever, we are honoured to say our students had the best-med school admission round to date. We cannot wait to see what our next round of application students can achieve in the year to come.

CountryTotal Number of MedView Acceptances
New Zealand57+
United Kingdom22+

4. Application support

Aiming for Oxford, Cambridge or the University of Sydney? There are just three of the schools our application mentors have or are currently studying at. Our experts know that how you apply to medical school matters just as much as your grades. Our application support includes a full application review, leaving no stone unturned. We look at your grades, and entrance exam results and help you apply to the medical school of your dreams strategically to ensure you maximise your chances of getting in. Our application mentors' insider knowledge is invaluable in the highly competitive landscape of medical school admissions, where the smallest detail can make the biggest difference.

Ready to start your med school application journey? Book a free consultation with our advisors to learn more about how MedView can help you!

Owen Chen's Journey to Med School

5. Student Success Manager

We understand that getting into medical school is complex and the work expectation is extreme, so upon onboarding, with MedView each student receives a Student Success Manager - the lynchpin of a student's admissions journey. They built a student roadmap, communicate upcoming deadlines and ensure parents are aware of their child's progress and appoint the team to the student. Unlike our competitors, we dedicate resources to helping you with the admin of med school admissions, so you can avoid time wasting, confusion and stress from the journey and focus on supporting your child.

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6. Leading med school education technology

While the expertise of our tutors, mentors and strategists sets us aside as a company dedicated to a highly skilled and individually crafted experience for every student, it is our technology that makes the experience flawless in its student progress and communication. We have invested heavily in technology that operates on many levels. All our students are matched to their team based on a sophisticated psychometric testing process that aims to make the most out of their MedView team experience.

Further, all students receive access to MedView Spark our learning management platform where students can self-study, practice or review entrance exams and interview content set in tutoring sessions or themselves. MedView Spark gives students access to a diagnostic test to understand their baseline level of performance which is then shared with their Student Success Manager, a personalised study plan is created based on a student's exam and interview date and results of the diagnostic test to ensure students have a study partner to help them prepare and stay focused.

This platform gives students access to 3,500+ practice questions for the entrance exams and interviews, including 10 full mock entrance exams. The platform gives students personalised feedback on what areas they need to improve on as well as a realistic testing experience including accurate exam scoring so students have no surprises on test day. Parents also receive access to a weekly email with high-level key metrics of their child’s performance so they can keep track as well.

Medview Lms

MedView Spark is now available to the public without the purchase of additional MedView services!

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7. Community

We strongly oppose the cutthroat competitive stressful environment and instead, MedView students have the opportunity to work collaboratively in our group workshops and classes where they can meet like-minded individuals and MedView Alumni to grow their own personal connections and friendships.

Our alumni network grows every year with many of our older students tutoring those coming after them. Our MedView community binds these connections together, reaching across Australia, New Zealand and the UK to enrich their lives and opportunities around the world.

8. Hundreds of raving reviews and testimonials

We are honoured to showcase some amazing testimonials and video reviews from current and former MedView students and their families. We are very proud to report that our service has rated an average of 4.9 out of 5 in reviews.

9. Founders that have been there, done that

We are proud that MedView was founded in 2007 by current medical students Dr Chen Luo and Dr Howshin Tsao in Auckland, New Zealand with the ambition to change the landscape of medical school admissions by empowering students to develop their candidacy holistically to go on to become top doctors with lifelong leadership, skills and connections!

Day in the Life of an ENT Doctor (Dr Chen Luo)

10. You want more - we’ve got it!

Unlike many companies, we hire talented staff who specialize in the different areas you need support with - UCAT exams, interviews, applications, and extracurriculars. We have over 400 tutors, mentors, strategists and student success managers, meaning we can tap into the expertise of our team to ensure your child receives the very best support for their dream medical school.

Average Acceptance RateMedView EducationOther Med Admission Companies
New Zealand33%20%
United Kingdom38%17%

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