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How Napat Overcame 8 Rejections to Get into Medical School


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About MedView

MedView is the leading medical school preparation organisation in Australasia, with a proven record of success. MedView believes in a holistic approach to medical school admissions, meaning we surround the student with a team of experts to help develop their candidacy and skills in all pillars of the journey to medical school. Our mission is to help students to succeed beyond their medical school admissions into top doctors with lifelong leadership, skills and connections! 

We specialise in preparing students for entrance to medical schools across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Our students work with a diverse team of top tutors, consultants, and strategists both in classroom and private 1:1 settings, to maximise their academic capabilities, improve their application profile, UCAT and GAMSAT exam and MMI interview results.

At MedView we have worked with 2,000+ students - many of whom are now studying at Australia, New Zealand & the UK's best medical schools including Oxford, Kings College and more. Dedicated to the student experience, personalised engagement and app-tracked progress, we have invested in, and developed, the most advanced education technology available to help medical students succeed.

About MedView
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