Your Guide to Dentistry UCAT Cut-Off Scores in Australia

07/04/20245 minute read
Your Guide to Dentistry UCAT Cut-Off Scores in Australia

Written By Team MedView
Reviewed By Thomas Nicolson (Currently studying Doctor of Medicine - MD at the University of Queensland)

Below are the Dentistry UCAT cut-off for Australian Universities and their respective ATAR requirements.

Last updated on the 7th April 2024.

Is UCAT required for Dentistry in Australia?

It highly depends on the school you’re applying for. Some programs like the University of Sydney’s Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine, look purely at ATAR when inviting candidates to interviews.

Dentistry UCAT & ATAR requirements

DegreeUCAT percentile requirementATAR requirementInterview offers are based on
Charles Sturt University (Bachelor of Dental Science)96th+ percentileMinimum 94.3, 91.40 for rural applicantsUCAT
University of Sydney (Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine)N/AMinimum 99.6ATAR
University of Queensland (Bachelor of Dental Science – Honours)95th+ percentile99.95 Adjusted No interview
James Cook University(Bachelor of Dental Surgery)N/AMinimum 98.68No interview
Griffith University(Bachelor of Dental Health Science)90th+ percentileMinimum 90UCAT (20%) Interview (40%) Academic results (40%)
University of Adelaide (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)87th+ percentileMinimum 90UCAT (20%) Interview (40%) Academic results (40%)
University of Western Australia (Dental Medicine – assured pathway)N/AMinimum 99UCAT Interview Academic results
La Trobe University(Bachelor of Dental Science – Honours)N/AMinimum 99.45Academic results

What if I have a low UCAT score?

Based on the table above, not all dentistry program require a UCAT score.

Ways to Get into Dentistry with a Low UCAT Score:

  1. Choose a University that Doesn't Need UCAT: Some schools don't require the UCAT at all. Instead, they might look at your school grades or have you go through an interview. In Australia, places like JCU, USYD, Griffith, and LaTrobe University are examples.
  2. Try Again Next Year: You can start another degree and take the UCAT again. This way, you're still moving forward, even if you choose to try for dentistry later. Six universities accept students who choose this route.
  3. Take a Year Off: If you did really well in school, you might take a break to focus on the UCAT. This choice means delaying your studies but focusing on getting into dentistry.
  4. Go for a Graduate Degree: First, complete any undergraduate degree, then take the GAMSAT exam to apply for graduate dentistry programs. This is a longer path but can be good if you're not sure about dentistry right after high school.