Is MedView Legit

12/09/20225 minute read
Is MedView Legit

MedView is legit. MedView is successful in supporting students in gaining admission to Australia, New Zealand and UK’s best medical schools including Oxford, Cambridge, Sydney University & Melbourne University at up to 3.5 times the general applicant rate.

This high rate of success by MedView students from around the world can largely be attributed to two key support principles on which MedView was founded. Firstly, students are provided with the best tutors, mentors and current medical students the world has to offer, they work with students 1:1, and secondly, these experts help students perfect every single element of their medical school application process.

Asking ‘Is MedView Legit?’ is a fair question. In some countries, the medical school admissions support space can be crowded and in some cases, companies may not follow through on what they promise. MedView embodies the ethical and social responsibility of the International and National Associations of College Admissions Counselling (IACAC & NACAC) under Crimson Education.

These associations create guidelines around private mentoring for college admissions and despite it being slightly different to what MedView does, we still adhere to the guidelines to ensure families know we are upholding ethical standards.

So why MedView? Let’s start by taking a look at the current landscape for medical school admissions and why expert support can be the key to success.

The competitiveness of Medical School Admissions

It is well known that top medical schools like Oxford, Cambridge or even the University of Sydney are highly sought-after institutions that attract many more applicants than available spots each year. (Acceptance rates at UK medical schools for example hover around 12%.) A medical degree from any UK medical school or top Australian med school can set a young person on the path to a lifetime of success and job security.

Due to the competitiveness, it highlights the need for expert support in all areas of a student's admissions process - from maximising high school grades through expert tutoring, building strong extracurriculars and leadership profiles, succeeding in the entrance exam and delivering the perfect medical interview through preparation and guidance.

“When I engaged with MedView, I wasn't very familiar with the UK application process. They were so helpful in terms of telling me what I need to do, the deadlines, and the structure of what I needed to do. For example, they gave me the right guidance on what leadership activities to do, when I should have my first draft of the personal statement, improvements for the second draft and so on and so forth"

— Rachel Chua, University College London

The unfortunate truth is many talented students lose out on the acceptance letter they strive for simply because they don’t have the support they deserve. They may have the talent and motivation needed, but perhaps don’t understand what goes into admissions decisions and how to approach their application strategically to maximise their chances.

"My experience with Medview was a very good one. I felt supported by my tutors who were full of life and character, who reassured me when I began to feel stressed about the upcoming exams and who would fill their lessons with useful hints, interesting facts related to medicine and questions we would work through together. Furthermore, being in constant contact with my study coordinator helped me to maintain my goals”

—  Mary Lyn Alagha, Western Sydney University

In short, MedView was founded on the premise that by demystifying the medical school admissions process for our students, we can democratise elite higher education for those who face obstacles that may otherwise not have the same opportunities.

How do we accomplish this?

With high-level expert support from current medical students and graduates at these top medical schools on a highly personalised level. At MedView, every student is provided with a support team with each team member helping them in one area of their admissions process - medical school selection, standardised test support, local curriculum tutoring, extracurricular building or interview prep. Our 500+ team of mentors and tutors have ‘been there done that’ successfully themselves- and they bring first-hand knowledge and experience to the table.

Our programs do not sell our students short. We understand our students possess the intelligence, ambition and talent that make a perfect medical school applicant. Our approach is to capitalise on their unique qualities in combination with the expertise of our teams to ensure that every student maximises their chances of getting into their dream medical school.

“I signed on for MedView’s UCAT and Academic tutoring package and was matched with tutors who were both exceptionally helpful, but also willing to go at my pace when life got in the way. While working with my tutors, I was able to develop study habits, better my understanding of assessment items and get help editing my work”

— Simon Gong, University of Queensland

To learn more about what our students have to say about us, visit our student success page here.

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