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Our Student Success

At MedView, we are proud to have helped hundreds of students gain admission into Australia, New Zealand & UK medical schools.


Our UCAT students are 5x more likely to receive an interview


More likely to gain admission to an Australian medical school


Our GAMSAT students are 4x more likely to score in the top 15%


More likely to gain admission to a NZ medical school

The success of our students

At MedView we are dedicated to helping every student reach their personal admission goals and we have successfully been doing so since 2007!

Our philosophy of supporting students in all areas of the admissions process - strategy, academics, entrance exams, application, extracurricular activities and interviews, means we leave no stone unturned and this is evident in our outstanding results!

MedView students work with a range of tutors, mentors, strategists, current medical students, doctors and advisors from all around the world to help them successfully gain admission into their preferred medical school.

success of our students

MedView's 2021 medical school acceptances

Our success is due to the outstanding MedView students across Australia and New Zealand who have the drive and compassion to work towards the only career in the world which is focused solely on helping others and helping them feel more comfortable at their most vulnerable!

A MedView student success story

In the 2021 admissions round, MedView helped Jeremy get #ACCEPTED into Oxford Medical School from Melbourne, Australia.

Every year only 9 to 11 places at the University of Oxford are offered to the overseas cohort, and this year one of them was awarded to Jeremy!

Jeremy studied the VCE curriculum and received an ATAR score of 99.95 putting him in the top 1% of ALL high school students in Australia. He sat the UCAT and scored 3420 which put him in the 100th percentile of test-takers AND went on to achieve a perfect BMAT score of 9 9 5A.

Check out where our 2021 cohort will be studying medicine!
Medical SchoolStudents Admitted
Oxford University1
University of Auckland30
University of Queensland17
James Cook University7
University of Otago7
University of New South Wales6
University of Melbourne5
Griffith University5
University of Adelaide4
Flinders University4
University of Sydney3
Monash University3
Central Queensland University3
St George's University of London2
Curtin University2
University of Western Australia2
Bond University2
University of the Sunshine Coast/Griffith2
University of Newcastle2
Royal College of Surgeons Ireland1
University College Dublin1
Australia National University1
Deakin University1
University of Notre Dame1
Western Sydney University1
University of Tasmania1

Our students have the best stories

These are just a few of the success stories from students who have worked with MedView

Our outstanding results

At MedView we are dedicated to helping each and every student reach their personal admission goals and have successfully placed students in their preferred medical schools since 2007, all of whom, have worked with our unique network of over 320 tutors, mentors and strategists, to gain admission Check out our outstanding results over the last three years:

Skyline x MedView Scholarship

The Skyline Program invests in three key areas vital for equipping high ability students who are gifted and/or academically talented, and who display a growth mindset, leadership potential, and resilience in the face of social and economic challenges, to find pathways to further study and employment, becoming leaders for change.

In 2021, MedView awarded 4 scholarships to high school students aiming for medical school. Each student was provided with $8,000 in MedView services.

skyline scholarship


MedView has been a proud partner with the Alliance of Schools for Girls (AGSA) since 2018. Our partnership is multi-faceted as we work with the wonderful AGSA team to provide girls at AGSA schools with information on medical school admissions and the pathway options.

We have been fortunate enough to see some of our amazing AGSA students speak at AGSA conferences and inspire other girls to follow their medical school dreams.

This partnership has been particularly fulfilling for us as we have been lucky enough to support young females in building their candidacy and, after sometimes years of hard work and dedication, witness them receiving acceptance.

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Some medical schools our students now attend

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