Australian Medical Schools: Top Choices for Pursuing Medicine

28/12/202316 minute read
Australian Medical Schools: Top Choices for Pursuing Medicine

The journey to medical school is often accompanied by diligent study and meticulous preparation for exams and interviews.

Yet, the application process can be equally daunting, stirring questions about application procedures, preference rankings, required exams, necessary scores, potential relocation, and financial considerations.

These concerns are crucial, and this page is dedicated to demystifying the intricacies of each Australian medical school's application process, striving to streamline your path to a medical career.

Australian Medical Schools

Australia has some of the most highly respected medical schools in the world. The University of Melbourne, Monash University and the University of Sydney are top-ranked institutions with a global reputation for excellence and student satisfaction. Globally, it is ranked 24th, closely followed by its counterparts at 25th (University of Sydney) and 40th (Monash).

How many medical schools are there in Australia?

In Australia, there are a total of 21 medical schools available for aspiring students to attend. These include 9 undergraduate programs and 13 graduate entry options.

What is the number 1 medical school in Australia?

According to QS subject ranking, the number 1 medical school in Australia is University of Melbourne, ranking 20 in the world on the subject of life sciences and medicine.

What ATAR score is needed for medicine?

Entry into medical programs in Australia is competitive, requiring a high ATAR score, often above 95. This score can vary between universities and may be influenced by special entry schemes or quotas.

Australian Medical School Rankings
UniversityQS Subject Ranking - MedicineQS University Rankings
The University of Melbourne2014
The University of Sydney2519
The University of Queensland3243
Monash University3342
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)5419
The University of Western Australia8572
The University of Adelaide9289
Australian National University (ANU)11734
The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON)162173
Curtin University235183
Deakin University243233
Griffith University249243
Flinders University271380
Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)297130
University of Tasmania297307
Western Sydney University302375
James Cook University348415
University of Wollongong388162
Bond UniversityN/A567
University of Notre Dame AustraliaN/A304

Australian medical school rankings updated in 2024.

Undergraduate and Graduate Pathways

In Australia, students aiming to become medical professionals can embark on one of two educational routes: the undergraduate or graduate pathways, offered by institutions such as the Australian National University. These academic tracks include essential clinical placements for hands-on learning.

Recent high school graduates eager to dive straight into medicine can opt for the undergraduate pathway. This consists of a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery program, designed to thoroughly prepare students with a comprehensive understanding of medical sciences.

Alternatively, for those who have already completed a degree in another field but are looking to switch to a medical career, the graduate entry pathway is available. By enrolling in a Doctor of Medicine program, these students can build on their prior knowledge while honing their clinical abilities, culminating in the acquisition of a respected medical degree.

List of Undergraduate (Direct Entry) Medical Programs

Admission to undergraduate courses, tailored for recent high school graduates, hinges on achieving a robust ATAR score, excelling in the UCAT exam, and performing well in an interview.

List of Undergraduate Medical Programs By State
NSWThe University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)
NSWWestern Sydney University
NSWThe University of Newcastle, Australia (UON)
VICMonash University
QLDBond University
QLDJames Cook University
SAUniversity of Adelaide
WACurtin University
TASUniversity of Tasmania

List of Graduate Medical Programs

In the graduate pathway, the role of the ATAR is taken over by one's GPA, while the UCAT is substituted with the GAMSAT for assessment purposes.

List of Graduate Medical Programs By State
ACTAustralian National University (ANU)
NSWUniversity of Notre Dame Sydney, Australia
NSWUniversity of Sydney (USyd)
NSWUniversity of Wollongong
NSWMacquarie University
VICDeakin University
VICUniversity of Melbourne
VICMonash University
QLDUniversity of Queensland (UQ)
QLDGriffith University
SAFlinders University
WAUniversity of Western Australia


Choosing between an undergraduate or graduate pathway, students are presented with a curriculum that is both rigorous and comprehensive, ensuring a well-rounded acquisition of medical knowledge and skills. The accreditation by the Australian Medical Council is a testament to the high standards maintained within these programs.

Navigating the admission requirements may seem complex, but they serve as a structured guide for prospective doctors. These include achieving a competitive ATAR score, excelling in the UCAT exam for undergraduates, and meeting additional criteria specific to each institution.

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