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New Zealand Medical School Admissions

From Auckland to Otago... MedView helps students reach their ultimate New Zealand medical school admissions goals.
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01. High School Tutoring

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02. GPA Core Paper Support

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03. UCAT Test Prep

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04. Interview Preparation


05. ECL Mentoring

Why MedView Education?

The process of applying to New Zealand medical schools is not only complex but highly competitive, with acceptance rates to top medical schools growing each year it is important to build a strong profile in all areas.

MedView’s unique admissions consultancy model addresses every aspect of the application process with equal intensity!

Our support includes:

  • Customisable Curriculum Support
  • Small or 1:1 classes
  • More online and in-person content than our competitors
  • Thousands of practice questions, curriculum videos and mock exams
  • Premium personalised tuition to each individual
  • Tutors with the highest results
  • Unmatched results we are proud of!
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Pathways to New Zealand Medical Schools

Want to increase your chances by 10x?

Apply to Australia!

Given that only two universities in New Zealand offer a medical program, studying in Australia is an attractive option. Not only does medicine in Australia have 10x the amount of places available, due to more universities offering the program, but the prestige and international reputation is higher. New Zealand students are also considered domestic students and it is quicker to complete when compared with New Zealand.

The popular pathway for New Zealand students considering Australia, is direct entry from high school. For this pathway, students must complete the same hurdles as Australian domestic students - excellent high school grades and the UCAT in their final year of high school. For students doing the NCEA curriculum, their grades are converted favourably into an ATAR score, increasing the likelihood of acceptance.

As New Zealand students are considered domestic, they are priority one students so are offered places into medical school first, and the fees to pay are also only at the domestic cost.

In the case they decide to pursue medicine in New Zealand, the student would have wasted no time in their journey and their UCAT in high school acts as good practice ahead of sitting it again in First Year.

Pathways to Auckland

For medical school entrance in New Zealand, not as much weighting is placed on high school grades, as students are required to complete one year of a pre medicine degree before applying to medical school.

  • First Year Biomedical Science
  • First Year Health Science

Biomedical science is science heavy with a competitive atmosphere. It’s historically the most common entry pathway to medical school. Health science is public health focused with lots of essays and assignments. The content is interesting for those interested in more than just the science side of healthcare.

Getting into The University of Auckland Medical School involves three hurdles which make up your eligibility for med.

  • Your GPA worth 60%
  • Your UCAT score worth 15%
  • Your MMI Interview score worth 25%

There are four core papers that determine your GPA’s success:

  • BIOSCI 107 - Foundations of Biological Science
  • CHEM 110 - Chemistry of Life Science
  • POPLHLTH 111 - Population Health
  • MEDSCI 142 - Foundations of Medical Science

Pathways to Otago

Getting into The University of Otago Medical School involves two hurdles which make up your eligibility for med.

  • Your GPA worth 100%
  • Your UCAT score over a threshold

There are four core papers in semester one and three in semester two that determine your GPA’s success:

Semester One

  • HUBS 191 - Human Body Systems I
  • CELS 191 - Cell and Molecular Biology
  • CHEM 191 - The Chemical Basis of Biology and Human Health
  • PHYSI 191 - Biological Physics

Semester Two

  • HUBS 192 - Human Body Systems II
  • BIOC 192 - Foundations of Biochemistry
  • POPH 192 - Population Health

Going from high school to university is daunting enough but with the added stress of completing core papers competitively you need to be set for success.

For medical school entrance in New Zealand, not as much weighting is placed on high school grades, as students are required to complete one year of a pre medicine degree before applying to medical school.

01. High School Tutoring

Start your journey with one-on-one tutoring to effectively improve grades quickly, as it enables intensive lessons with a tutor’s undivided attention. We offer support for the following curriculums:

  • IB
  • CIE
  • NCEA

Increase your chances of admission by 10x by applying to Australia. This pathway focuses on your high school grades and save an entire year of university study and cost in the long run. MedView’s high school curriculum tutors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting students to achieve excellence endorsements and university entrance, required for medical school.


02. GPA Core Paper Support

Going from high school to university is daunting enough, but with the added stress of completing core papers competitively you need to be set for success.

  • Our tutors are highly experienced at teaching and are all current medical students. They have each achieved an A+ in their respective subjects and know exactly what it takes to attain the top marks
  • We offer revision courses which cover all lecture content and help prepare you for mid-semester tests and final exams for each of your chosen papers
  • Our workshops will help you focus your studies on what you actually need to know, placing emphasis on the difficult questions or concepts encountered each week
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03. UCAT Test Preparation

Our UCAT tutors are the top 5% of UCAT test takers, with a wealth of knowledge and experience ready to help you succeed in the world’s more difficult entrance exam. Our individualised tutoring supports with:

  • Develop strategy and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed when sitting the UCAT
  • Learn, practice questions on your own, on the go, or with your tutor on our bespoke online learning platform, Synapse
  • Our simulation UCAT practice exams replicate the exact environment with feedback from your tutor
  • Our workshops help students to tackle their areas of weakness efficiently

A student's UCAT test results determine whether or not they proceed to the interview, which is why our tutoring focuses on preparation and strategy.


04. Medical Interview Preparation

Medical Interview Mentoring from high scoring Interview tutors. Our interview tutors prepare students at length for this final, important part of the undergraduate admissions process. Our individualised tutoring works through each section to develop the following skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Prioritisation and pressure skills
  • Adaptability and flexibility skills
  • Independent thinking and,
  • Patient, family interaction skills

05. Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) Opportunities

Our extracurricular mentors help students to enhance their application by undertaking, completing, and reflecting upon a range of impressive medical related opportunities.

Working 1:1 with their mentors, doctors and current medical students, our students develop profiles that demonstrate:

  • High academic passion and engagement
  • Impressive knowledge of medical topics
  • Practical doctor career experience
  • The ability to communicate and reflect upon individual experiences

Each MedView student will be assigned an Admissions Specialist who is dedicated to helping you organise your entire MedView journey.

They will coordinate your tutor and mentor scheduling, assist you with actioning all steps recommended by your MedView team, make sure you hit all deadlines, and act as a regular communication base for you and your parents or guardians.

Meet our advisors, tutors, consultants, and strategists

MedView's UCAT tutors scored in the top 5% of all medical students. MedView's UCAT students are 5x times more likely to receive an offer to medical school. Our UCAT tutors are eager to help you succeed!

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Our students have the best stories

These are just a few of the success stories from students who have worked with MedView