How Universities use your UCAT Results

07/07/20217 minute read
How Universities use your UCAT Results

The UCAT is a two-hour standardised, computer-based exam, designed to assess the suitability of candidates to study undergraduate medicine. Suitability is measured through an assessment of a student’s critical thinking capacity, emotional intelligence and non-verbal reasoning.

With the UCAT testing period underway, many students who have sat the UCAT are wondering how the UCAT will be used to select applicants into medical school in New Zealand and Australia.

Most universities use a combination of the three hurdles into medical school:

  1. Your ATAR / GPA
  2. Your UCAT score
  3. Your MMI Interview - which is offered as a result of your ATAR / GPA and UCAT score

The UCAT is broken down into five subsets:

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Decision Making
  3. Quantitative Reasoning
  4. Abstract Reasoning
  5. Situational Judgement

You receive three scores

  1. Your percentile rank which is how well you have performed compared to all other students sitting the UCAT
  2. Your cognitive subtest score
  3. Your final overall weighted score

However your final score is a cognitive score, meaning it does not include situational judgement. But each university is different, and their medical entry requirements often change at short notice especially with COVID-19 and government restrictions.

Universities and UCAT Results
UniversityUCATUCAT Weighting Interview Selection Criteria Breakdown
University of AdelaideCognitive subsets 20% UCATBased on UCAT20% UCAT 40% MMI 40% ATAR
Curtin University90th percentile40% UCATBased on UCAT and ATARUCAT MMI ATAR Weighting not specified
Flinders UniversityCognitive subsets equally weighted10% UCATNo Interview10% UCAT 90% ATAR
Monash University90th percentile33% UCATBased on UCAT and ATAR33% UCAT 33% MMI 33% ATAR
University of NewcastleCognitive subsets100% UCAT100% UCATInterview and PQA
University of New South WalesOverall cognitive score at least 50th percentile required33% UCATBased on UCAT and ATAR33% UCAT 33% MMI 33% ATAR
University of QueenslandNot specified. Previously it was cognitive subses, SJ and VR used as secondary and tertiary selectorsNot Specified UCATNot specified
University of Western AustraliaApprox 90th percentile 33% UCAT100% UCAT once academic threshold is met33% UCAT 33% MMI 33% ATAR
University of Western SydneyApprox 90th percentile 100% UCAT100% UCAT once academic threshold is metUCAT & MMI
University of AucklandTotal scaled score15% UCATBased on GPA15% UCAT 25% MMI 60% GPA
University of OtagoMinimum score in each subset requiredThresholdNo InterviewGPA

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